Community Projects

In the spirit of over the fence diplomacy and back door egg borrowing….community projects utilize the many hands theory inspired by the spirit of community. Like the spokes of a wheel we all contribute to just how true the wheel rolls. Gold Hill raised itself on neighbors helping neighbors, the spirit of which has many faces, from benefit concerts or snow shovel brigades. To a school yard face lift or meals to a person in need. This page serves to inform you about community projects that in some way enhance the quality of life in Gold Hill through a variety of means. Projects are demonstrations of what we care about as a community and are willing to contribute to tasks at hand.

Town Clean up report

Town Clean Up went reasonably well, all in all.  The racers were much later than predicted.  I’m sure glad we put off the clean up until 10:00.  The dumpster trucks arrived at 9:30 up Fourmile (or Gold Run Road, as it’s called now), and had to wait there, blocking the road for some time until […]

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Town Clean up

The annual town clean up is scheduled for Saturday, June 24th – save the date!  Details to follow.  I will be looking for volunteers – it’s fun! Gretchen

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Gold Hill Community Center questions

  The GHTM would like to collect more information on what the needs of the community are and if there would be support for a community center.  We have some information from the GH Community Resiliency Survey, which includes concerns about fire, severe weather, and medical emergencies.  We are currently working on a survey that will be […]

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Art Contest

Rembrandts, Van Goghs, Picassos….. …It’s time to once again to pull out your artist tools.  Gold Hill needs some additional images for printing on some great items to sell and make some money for our town.  Here’s the skinny: IMAGE 1:  Create an finished image that would be suitable for towels, T shirts, tote bags, […]

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Boulder County Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter – June 7, 2013

Today’s forest health outreach update covers the following topics: *Forestry Tip of the Day: Don’t miss out on cheap slash, log and pine needle disposal *New Publication: Wildfire Mitigation Quick Checklist *In the News: FAQ’s about the Colorado Homeowner Insurance Reform Act of 2013 *Press Release: Boulder County Sheriff Reminds Public to Register for Emergency […]

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Gold Hill Cookbook fundraising project

From Eve Atkinson <> Dear friends and fellow Gold Hillians,  My name is Eve Atkinson, I grew up in Gold Hill and I am coordinating the authorship of a cookbook for fundraising for Gold Hill, using the website to create it and publish it. Gretchen ( agreed to be a contact person for me in Gold Hill, so you […]

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