Treasurer’s Report 12-12-16

Posted on: December 12th, 2016

Gold Hill Town Meeting, Inc. Treasurer’s Report December 12, 2016

At the previous Town Meeting in OCTOBER our bank balance was $16,577.51. Revenue of $364.00 since the October meeting includes funds from pint glass sales and a $250 donation to Airlink for maintenance. Total expenses of $2101.63 include town clean-up dumpsters ($730), cemetery maintenance ($670.31), a pint glass order and community planning survey ($701.32.)

Our current bank balance (total cash assets) is $14,839.88. Current individual sub- account fund totals are as follows:

  • General Fund $2,190.10;
  • Cemetery $5,007.78;
  • Community Relief $3,576.95;
  • Forest Management $94.12;
  • Safe Link (funds for SafeSite, AirLink, NeighborLink projects) $3,797.25;
  • Community Planning $173.68.

    Respectfully submitted, Martha Knapp, Treasurer Gold Hill Town Meeting, Inc. 12/12/16