Town Clean up report

Posted on: June 27th, 2017

Town Clean Up went reasonably well, all in all.  The racers were much later than predicted.  I’m sure glad we put off the clean up until 10:00.  The dumpster trucks arrived at 9:30 up Fourmile (or Gold Run Road, as it’s called now), and had to wait there, blocking the road for some time until the racers thinned out enough for them to come through the intersection.  The coordinators on foot were nice and helpful.  The first State Patrolman who came through, was going at least 25 mph and we stood up and gestured for him to slow down.  He glared at us, but …..!!!  Really!  Anyway, we got everything organized in the parking lot and on the street. Enough people showed up to help, including Dan Maedke, John and Cherry, Karen Simmons, Emily Rose, Chad from across the street, Bobby Vrba (he’s a Godsend, for sure), Rebecca Gretz, and all the County recycling people, who were totally helpful. Thank you so much, you all! If I forgot anyone, please know that you were appreciated.  The County people took appliances (not many), mattresses, hard plastics and hard styrofoam, tires.  Two of them even went out with Dirk Arnold to his place and helped him load a small, broken cast iron stove and bring it back for the metal dumpster! We didn’t have any refrigerators.  We collected $423.00.  The free stuff was pretty great, but maybe 1/2 of it ended up ion the dumpsters.  Started cleaning up at 2:00 when they picked up the first dumpsters (one trash, and the metal one). We continued to clean up, a few more people drifted by with this and that and most people cleared out around 3.   I stayed until a little after 5, when they picked up the last 2 (the other trash and the wood/slash one).  

It was fairly slow, and the second dumpster wasn’t really full.  I’m wondering if we should consider having it every other year?  

I was totally relieved that the decision was made to have them come down Horsfal and thru town more slowly and am happy if my efforts helped evoke some common sense.  I still get agitated when I think that they were actually going to let them race through!  We have decided to hold the special town meeting on the 17th to discuss this, which I’m happy about.  I haven’t heard from the Commissioners in response to my letter – will let you know if and when I do.

I hope John Holste, Special Event Coordinator/Planner II Boulder County Transportation Department 303.441.3906 will come to our meeting to talk about event planning and notification issues.