Report for April 10, 2017 Gold HillTown Meeting

Posted on: May 29th, 2017

GHTM Treasurer’s Report

April 10, 2017.

At the previous Town Meeting in FEBRUARY our cash assets were $14,704.88. Current total cash assets are $13,971.94.

Revenue since the February meeting includes cemetery and permaculture workshop donations and the pass-through grant from United Way. Expenses include various report filing fees, property tax, bank service fee, community relief fund distribution and the Airlink UW grant pass-through.

Earmarked fund totals are as follows:
General Fund $1325.16; Cemetery $5,207.78; Community Relief $3,326.95; Forest Management $94.12; Safe Link (funds for SafeSite, AirLink, NeighborLink projects) $3,785.25; Community Planning $232.68.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Knapp, Treasurer Gold Hill Town Meeting, Inc. 4/10/17