Organizing for Community Sustainability

Posted on: October 18th, 2016
There is a lot of discussion about “aging in community” throughout the mountain communities – let’s face it – we’re all getting older. Even for those not “older”, we sometimes need help and might not know quite where to turn to request assistance. We want to have the option of staying in our communities as long as possible, but what does it take to be able to do that? And what would it take to get our neighbors to accept help?
A few people from the smaller mountain communities met to discuss how we’re all facing the same issues and whether there might be an opportunity to provide the resources needed to help not only elderly people but all people in our communities live better and more self sufficient lives. We’re focusing on the smaller mountain communities because we’re the ones who don’t have resources for paid staff and services, and recognizing that, perhaps, there is an opportunity to share some resources among our communities.
Even if you don’t fit in an “elderly” category, you also could break a hip and need help; you probably know elderly people you worry about; or perhaps you have skills and knowledge you could provide in the local community.
People here are very generous with their time in supporting their friends and neighbors, and that is an important aspect of community none of us want to replace. However, if there is enough interest in pursuing this, we believe we can obtain money to fund what we as a community decide is needed in addition.
If you have an interest in discussing this further, please join us at the Community Center above the fire barn.
Friday, October 28,  3:30pm

If you are interested but can’t make the meeting or if you think it’s a bad idea for whatever reason, email or call 303-459-3530.