Notes on the GHFPD Board Meeting 2-20-14

Posted on: March 11th, 2014

Notes on the GHFPD Board Meeting 2-20-14 by Gretchen Diefenderfer

Next Board Meeting will be Thursday, March 20, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Rich Lopez, Chair, called the meeting to order.  Present were Donal Maloney, Bobby Vrba, Secretary Dave Sturtz, Chief Chris Finn and Gretchen Diefenderfer.  Rick Geesaman’s absence was excused due to a death in the family.

Minutes – Gretchen asked about the discussion of DOLA reported in the January minutes and it was clarified that this was about the 2014 Election.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Chief’s Report – Chris reports that he has been meeting with Donal about training, but other meetings with Bret Gibson and the General Fire Department were cancelled due to the weather.  We have had one call on 1-12-14 – a medical call in Sunshine, but we were cancelled.  He has driven all the trucks and they’re fine, checked the Jaws and chain saw also.  He’s been working with Sunshine, Fourmile, and BES looking to hire a real mechanic for maintenance.  It’s been a problem for all.   Shoveling after snowstorms is also a problem – have not been able to get people to do it, even for pay, so he and Bobby end up doing it.  The search for a new Fire truck is continuing.  We need something small enough to fit into our firebarn.  He’s still working on ID’s.

Gretchen, as DEO, and Rich have seen to posting the Call for Nominations in the Daily Camera for the Election scheduled for May, and Gretchen will post it at the Store and here at the Fire Barn as well as put out in the town email.  If we do not have more candidates than positions open, the election will be cancelled.  There are 4 positions open – everyone except Dave. Addendum 2-11-14: Rich, Rick, Donal and Bobby filled out their forms – no one else expressed interest, and the election will be cancelled.

Rich reported that he had attended the Feb.10 Town Meeting – talked up the election encouraging people to run for the Board, spoke about the possible merger of Sunshine, Fourmile, and Gold Hill Fire Departments (handing out his list of pros and cons), and was asked about the bathroom issue for the Community Center use and potential solutions.  One possibility is to borrow Fourmile’s Porta-Potti when needed – Chris will check with Bret about how that could work.  Bear Carlson was supposed to check on availability and cost for our own Porta-Potti (although where to put it is an issue).  Another possibility is to build a privy right on top of the holding tank, but Chris thinks it would interfere with drafting from our cistern.  Gretchen suggested working out an entrance in back for Community Center access.  Rich said he would check with a contractor to see what that would entail and cost.

Grants – Chris said we should be thinking about a pre-plan for what the Department needs.  We’ve successfully applied for grant money from the Assistance to Fire Fighters Fund, but it’s not certain when that will come up – it’s been April and October in the past.  Rich proposed the first discussion be at the March Board Meeting, then go to the firefighters and get their input, in order to have a plan developed by May.  There are grant-writing classes – some training might help, but we do have 2-3 people (Bear and Kris Gibson for 2, plus Chris) who have written successful grant proposals in the past.

Dave, as liaison to the Emergency Preparation Group, brought up that there has been somewhat of a perceived lack of communication expressed between the group and the fire department.  Rich stated that Deb Yeager should be invited to the next Board Meeting, March 20, to talk about how to improve communications and cooperation between us.

For official Fire Board minutes, see the GHFPD website,