Newsletter corrections

Posted on: November 18th, 2017

Newsletter clarifications, corrections and additions – I will amend the minutes as posted on the website,

Under Rancho Fazoo, during the discussion on Bear’s motion to form the Friends of Rancho Fazoo committee and before the part that says John seconded the motion, it should say:

            “We still need to know what our liability will be. Rancho Fazoo is County Open Space land and part of the adoption agreement that Jojo will be moving forward on involves signing a liability waiver for any of the proposed work we do. The TM does have liability insurance and we need to know if we will be liable, and if so whether our present liability coverage is sufficient.

Under Paving Sunshine, it should say:

            Tony reports that she had a Sunshine person and a Gold Hill person bring this to her attention – then she went about gathering info from the county.  From what she has heard from several GH folks there are a wide variety of ideas on what should happen.  Jojo said that we need to “consider the best technology” – if dirt works best, leave it dirt, or if not we should look at that. Tony, from her research, is not sure there is any data that clearly supports either side. Labor costs are continuously increasing and will make an impact on any future plans/decisions for the road.   Here is the information she gathered:

            PAVING NOTES Regarding the paving of 1.6 miles along Sunshine Canyon

Our most recent counts from 2015 for Sunshine Canyon are: 

Just east of Poorman: 1100 annual average daily traffic

End of Pavement: 620 annual average daily traffic

The past 5 years, between $40,000 and $60,000 spent annually on gravel-road maintenance activities (grading, dust control, spot resurfacing) on this section of Sunshine, with an additional $180,000 spent on gravel resurfacing in 2012 (gravel resurfacing occurs as required, generally every 8 to 12 years) – new technique this year – do not have these costs

Cost of maintaining the gravel road is often similar to or less than the cost of paving when calculated over the life of the pavement

Funding for such paving is not currently available

Targeted groups: Local commuters, those who drive trucks, deliveries, school buses, emergency vehicles, road maintenance vehicles.

1.6 miles only through the switchbacks or Shelf Road Only – or everything through GH?

 In support:

Continual maintenance (and costs) required for dust, mud and washboards

Dust affects air, trees, humans and animals

Traffic from mountain communities

In emergency situations, SCD is the main thoroughfare between Boulder and mountain communities. (ie. 2013 Flood)

The unpaved portion of Sunshine Canyon Drive is not a housing development; it is part of a highly-traveled county road.

In opposition:

Concern over slippery, icy conditions on switchbacks

Concern that the paving will extend into Gold Hill

Increased traffic


Shared values – mountain community interests & issues

Support for preservation of Gold Hill as a historic landmark

Is there support for a survey?