MMM- Miscellaneous Mountain Misfits

Posted on: January 27th, 2014

MMM- Miscellaneous Mountain Misfits

Notice to Poets/ and others interested – all are welcome

Our next MMM get-together is – Thursday, February 6th at the small cabin behind Brookhart’s Sunset View cabin at 6:30 pm.

Sunset View is the cabin at the main East end intersection of Horsfal, Lick Skillet, 4-Mile, and Gold Hill Road.  The small cabin is behind it and will have parking for 2 cars.
For those not familiar with MMM (Miscellaneous Mountain Misfits), we have a monthly get-together (usually the first Thursday but can change by request of the host) at the home of one of the group. The idea is two-fold: (1) is that we do some  writing (for 15-20 minutes and this is expected to be a quiet time in order to focus on our writing) in response to a loose stimulus provided by Gold Hill Poet Laureate, John Latham or his stand-in, followed by a non-critical read-around of what has been written. This takes about 45 minutes, followed by short break (to get snacks and drink)  and then: (2) a read-around, usually led by Edie Eilender involving all people who care to read [for about 6 minutes per person maximum] some of their already-written prose or poetry, or writing by someone else. If, instead of reading, someone offers a song or two, that is welcomed. There is no pressure on people to actively participate. Most attendees do, but some come simply to listen. The host provides some limited drink & snacks, and if attendees care to bring along a modest contribution to the drink or food, that is welcomed, too.Here is an approximate time schedule:
6:30:             John introduces a topic and shares one or two of his poems that stimulate our writing.
7:00:             We share our writing (not usually time for critiques or many comments)
Approx 7:30:          Short snack break
7:45             Begin a read-around of poetry/writings/music that any have brought to share
approx8:30            Finished sharing and can stay awhile to converse

If questions or to let us know you are coming, please call  Marie at 303-444-4691 or call John Latham at 303-444-2429.