Meals on Wheels here in Gold Hill?

Posted on: February 7th, 2017
Hi Gretchen,
I am unable to attend the town meeting next Monday.  However, Gold Hill Resilient is wanting to offer Meals on Wheels here in Gold Hill.  We have motivated volunteers who are willing to drive to Boulder pick up the meals and deliver them. Our intention is to start small offering meals one day a week, but if interest increases we would be willing to deliver meals more frequently. 
Meals on Wheels offers meals to anyone and at any age.  The cost of the meal is on a sliding scale with $6 being the most a meal would ever cost. 
If people are interested could they please e-mail me at To receive meals the recipient must also register through Meals on Wheels of Boulder. I am happy to assist with this process if any one needs help. 
Thank you!
Jojo Morrison                                               

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