Living with Wildlife

Posted on: July 21st, 2009

Here in Gold Hill we are blessed with a great variety of wildlife.  However, as human populations grow and homes are built in or near wildlands, many wild animal habitats are reduced and/or fragmented.  This can lead to an increase in human-wildlife encounters, many of them potentially dangerous.  Pets at large can provide easy prey for mountain lions, and “food at large” such as unsecured trash, compost, and bird feeders can provide easy pickings for bears.  If mountain lions or bears learn that people’s homes are a source of food, then the likelihood of property damage, a dead pet, or someone getting hurt increases.  In these cases, there is usually no choice for wildlife officials other than to hunt down and kill the animal.

Here is the basic rule: Don’t feed wildlife. Don’t be responsible for the death of an innocent wild animal!  If you want more information about how to live safely with wildlife, please check out the extensive information provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.