Ham Radio Class

Posted on: October 3rd, 2017
We will be having a weekend class in the near future in one of our mountain communities for people interested in becoming licensed as amateur radio operators- what most of us call ham radio. The AirLink ham community is actively working to improve the radio coverage in Jamestown and other areas of western Boulder County. We plan to have the Jamestown installation in place before the end of this year. It is not expensive to get involved. The fee for the licensing test is only $15. Most people can use a small hand held radio you can purchase for around $40. There occasionally are free radios available. It also doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge or skills. Ham radio works when power is out and no other means of communication work. This makes it an important tool during emergencies. It also is a nice way to meet people interested in mountain living and supporting the mountain communities. If you have an interest in the class or want to know more, please contact Dina Elder dina.elder@gmail.com (303-459-3530