Gold Hill Town Meeting Newsletter

Posted on: November 27th, 2016


Next Town Meeting is Monday, December 12, 2016, 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center

Minutes of the October 10, 2016 Town Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chair Tony Vrba. Nine people attended: Debra Yeager, Robert Walter, Mary Ryan, Bobby Vrba, Chair Tony Vrba, Treasurer Martha Knapp, Secretary Gretchen Diefenderfer, Vice Chair Bear Carlson, and Dina Elder.

Minutes – of the August 8 Meeting were approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report – Martha reported that at the previous Town Meeting in AUGUST our bank balance was $13,936.51 and a balance of $85 held for us in trust at the Ward Church. Monies from the Ward Church have since been transferred back to the Community Relief Fund.

Revenue since the August meeting includes funds from cemetery donations, town cleanup and fundraising sales including the annual Gold Rush Event and pint glass sales.

Expenses include porta-potty servicing, donation to the Welcome Basket project, and Gold Rush event expenses.

Our current bank balance (total cash assets) is $16,577.51. Current individual sub-account ­­fund totals are as follows:

General Fund $2,806.10; Cemetery $5,678.09; Community Relief $3,576.95; Forest Management $94.12; Safe Link (funds for SafeSite, AirLink, NeighborLink projects) $3,547.25; Community Planning $875.


Community Planning/Trails – Tony reported that the Gold Rush went really well. We brought in over $1300.

Also, t-shirts and beer glasses will be here by the end of the month for holiday gifts!

Historic Zoning – No report

Forest Mgmt/CWPP – No report

Fire Department – Bobby reported that training continues. We think we have found two new fire trucks from Lefthand Fire. The third dry hydrant down in Lefthand has been staged and will be installed as the restoration of the road progresses – two have already been installed. The Dept. has responded to three abandoned campfires and Bobby has staged water buckets at both entrances and Mt. Alto because so many campers don’t bring enough water to put out their fires.

Historic Gold Hill – Deb reports that we have 70 (2017) calendars left – get yours now! The Museum had its final meeting of the year. They are working on exhibits for next year and one will be on Mrs. Yeager.  Anna Vasek Yeager and Ward Yeager (no relation to Max) came to Gold Hill in 1920 and Ann (as she was known) was one of the notable teachers at the Gold Hill School.  Tea Towels will be coming before Christmas and they have ordered more t-shirts also.

Mining – Gretchen reports that there are usually vehicles parked up at the Mill so activity continues, but no more is known.

Gold Hill School – no report

SafeLink –Dina reported that BoCoStrong is all about resiliency and how to support our communities, including Jamestown and Pine Brook Hills, to help residents who are aging or in need. Each community would need to do a survey on needs and there would be help getting funding to meet these needs.

Deb added that we do have awareness of people in our community who need care from minor to major and usually neighbors step up to help. We are all connected and we want to make sure the connections all work. Dina added that there is so much potential for help out there. There is an Agency for Aging, and they are willing to help figure out how to help us with almost anything. It was suggested that we need a designated person/coordinator and we could probably get some funding for a couple of years to help support this person and figure out how to become coordinated and self-sustaining. Some people were mentioned who might be resources included Jan Eaton, Poppy Copeland, Torkin Wakefield, and Jojo Morrison. Dina will put out an email about a meeting to address these ideas.

Dina wants to know who wants to help – contact her – (303) 459-3530 or

Wildfire Partners – Gretchen reported that this is a great organization. They will do a inexpensive assessment of your home and property, evaluate what you can do to mitigate your wildfire risks and help with reimbursement for your expenses if you carry out the necessary work to help protect your home. Check their website for lots of information and to apply.



Gold Rush – Member at Large Dan Maedke emailed this report: Gold Hill,

This years Gold Rush was a massive success. Proving to our biggest year! A huge Thank You goes out to all the volunteers!  A special thanks to Larry and all the musicians, John and Paul for grilling, Diane and Tony for running the bake sale, Joanne for bringing in local artists (and thanks to the artists, too), Gretchen for taking money all day, Martha, Jan, Adowa, and Kathy for helping to clean up, Joan and Bobby for taking care of leftover items, Brian for use of the Inn yard and any one else, like Val and Cherry, who helped organize. It could not have been great with out you! Thank You

If we’ve forgotten anyone in the hubbub, please know you were appreciated.

Community Survey – Tony reported that 42 surveys were returned, with the majority agreeing that we need a Community Center that would serve Gold Hill, the Gold Run Subdivision, and surrounding residences. People have some concerns about gaps in services in our community. Many would participate in development, educational and community offerings if offered.   And a majority said they would contribute time, talent, or money to a Community Center.

            Dina said that from her research, there is a lot of funding available, particularly if we employ resiliency terminology. BoCoStrong will help. Tony will put out an email asking for people to help.

            Bob Walter pointed out that we have a Community Center. The town built this building as a Fire Department and Community Center. We have this! As it has developed, however, we now seem to have it only at the discretion of the Fire Department.

            Peter Swift intended to do a feasibility study to look at our options and Tony will contact him about this.

            Gretchen moved that we send out the results of the survey and request people participate on a Committee to look into our options for a Community Center. Bear seconded and it passed unanimously.

Cemetery – Bob Walter reported that he has been on the Cemetery Committee for 46 years. Kris Gibson and Chellee Courtney are also on the committee. He has now started selling plots (a lay-away plan per Martha) and we now have quite a lot of money, so he thought he should come and give a report. He, Kris and Chellee have met and put together a list of projects – others are welcome to participate, too. They have repaired and replaced fencing, fixed up the wooden benches, and done miscellaneous mitigation work – trimmed trees and cut down dead trees. They have hired the Fourmile Mitigation Group and their chipper. Chellee is writing a book on the people in the Cemetery and the people to be buried there. Bob will be putting up a kiosk with information including that every stone is significant – don’t move them. It will have contact information, etc. He visited the cemetery in Deadwood – it’s quite the deal. Next year they will work on steps up from the road and a railing.

Gold Hill QT – Gretchen reported that the QT (which we had a link to on our website) seems to have been taken over by spammers selling drugs and medications. Our options are to pay a monthly fee for the service and I would be able to monitor posts, or drop it and use Next Door for general community exchanges. The consensus was to remove it. The link is You need to be invited so contact me (or anyone you know who participates), if you would like to join.

Neighborliness – Tony wants to encourage neighbors to talk to each other about issues before calling authorities. Be neighborly first – it’s the mountain way.

Respectfully submitted, Gretchen Diefenderfer, Secretary, Gold Hill Town Meeting


Monday December 12   6:30 pm –Gold Hill Town Meeting Holiday Social

Community Center above Fire Barn

Bring a plate of your favorite cookies or holiday treat to share – we will provide the coffee, tea, and lemonade.  Kids welcome!

Stay for the general meeting that will start at 7:30