Gold Hill T-shirts, etc.

Posted on: December 4th, 2010

Hi Gold Hill and all:

Recently we held an art contest to find another great image that could be affixed to a new T shirt and other items.  We asked anyone who knew Gold Hill or lived here or wanted to participate to submit their art.  Happily we had 8 entries from the adults who submitted their work and 9 entries from the children of the Gold Hill School who also submitted work.  The Town Council chose the images in a blind showing and we are excited to announce that:

Brodi Hawk, a 4th grader from the school created this winning image

brodiehawk sml

and, Steffi Wilson, a Gold Hill resident created this one.

GoldHillTshirt sml

We have created T shirts, aprons, kitchen towels, note cards and can special order hoodies for you of each of these designs.  Also, we have created note cards for EACH of the 18 pieces of artwork that we received.  So, even if you didn’t win the contest, you can still send out your art in the form of a note card.  If you’d like some inexpensive holiday cards, please consider purchasing your cards from these images.  The cards are $12 per package and there are 9 difference cards in the adult art package and 9 different cards in the children art package.  We can also give you a package of 9 cards of whatever images you would like.  Add some holiday stickers or some of your own artwork and message to the inside and you’ve got holiday cards that are helping out your community.

All of the profits of these items will go to the Gold Hill School in lieu of their fundraiser and we’d love for you to consider purchasing these items for your holiday gift giving.  Therefore, anything that you pick up by December 15th will benefit the school.  Following the 15th of December, the sale of these items will benefit the Town Meeting.

Here are the prices:


Children’s Short Sleeve T shirts (S, M, L)        $10         either image

Children’s Long Sleeve T shirts  (S, M, L)        $12        either image

Adult Short Sleeve T shirts (M, L, XL)                $15       either image

Adult Long Sleeve T shirt ( M, L, XL)                $18        either image

White Aprons                                                       $15        either image    These aprons are full size, have pockets and tie strings so they will fit anyone

White Kitchen Towels                                         $9            either image        These towels are Pakistani cotton and are quite large.  They are not terri cloth

Hoodies    childrens and adult sizes                $30          either image        These are heaviest weight, pullover hoodies.  They are warm!

So, as you’re thinking about your shopping this year, help out the school.  We can accept credit cards but there will be an extra 10% charge to cover the cost.  All checks need to be made out to Gold Hill Town Meeting.  All items are located at 1225 Pine Street at Debra and Max Yeager’s.  Please give them a call to set up a time to make your purchases.  303 449 0454 or 303 881 7665 (Debra’s cell).  or email Deb at

If you live out of the area and would like any of these items to be shipped to you, we can accommodate you with flat rate shipping from the USPS.

The Gold Hill Town Council