Gold Hill Calendar meeting

Posted on: February 6th, 2014

Gold Hill Calendar for 2015

We had our first GH calendar meeting on Feb 3 to start the wheels rolling for the 2015 edition. Have you always wanted one of your pictures/poems/or artwork in the Gold Hill Calendar?  Here’s your opportunity! We are asking for submission for the topics listed below.  Contact Rick Sinner

Richard Oxley, Chellee Courtney, Marilyn Soby, or me.

July will be photos of the 2013 Fourth of July (as usual of what we do for the month of July)

September will be photos, etc., about the 2013 flood.

We have several topics for consideration:

Women of Gold Hill

School page – plus kids’ drawings here & there

Burro page

Laughlin’s cabin

Lost Best Friends page – we are looking for a good picture of Edie’s dog,             Kokanina, lets us know if you have one

Garden page

Scenic/Local photo page(s)

Historic photos pages

Children’s artwork throughout the calendar

Fourth of July photos (2013)


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 25th at 1pm at Marilyn’s house.