GHTM 12-11-17

Posted on: December 25th, 2017


Minutes of the December 11, 2017 Town Meeting

 The next regular Town Meeting is Monday, February 12, 2018, 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center.   However, a Special Town Meeting has been called for Monday, January 8, 2018, 7:00 p.m. See Agenda attached

 The December meeting was called to order by Chair Tony Vrba. Ten people attended: Tony, Debra Yeager, Member at Large Dan Maedke, Vice Chair Jojo Morrison, Bobby Vrba, Mark and Dina Elder, Secretary Gretchen Diefenderfer, Michael Albes, and Rick Sinner.

Minutes of the October 9 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report was submitted by email as Treasurer Martha Knapp could not attend:

At the previous regular Town Meeting in OCTOBER our bank balance was $13,703.75. Our current total cash assets are $15,361.75.

Revenue since the October meeting includes donations to the cemetery fund, pint glass sales and the Gold Rush fundraiser. Expenses include advertising for the Gold Rush event.

Earmarked fund totals are as follows:
General Fund $1779.09; Cemetery $6,507.78; Community Relief $3,326.95; Forest Management 0

(zero); Safe Link (funds for SafeSite, AirLink, NeighborLink projects) $3,785.25; Community Planning $232.68.

Notes: As seen in the spreadsheet below, the Forest Management beginning negative balance reflects the Town Meeting share of the Chipping Project expenses after reimbursements. $552.75 was transferred to Forest Management from the General Fund to balance it out.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Knapp, Treasurer Gold Hill Town Meeting, Inc. 12/11/17

 COMMITTEE REPORTS – Tony reported that since some committees do not report regularly, she would just request anyone with a report to speak.

IMA- Tony reported that the IMA has been working on communication plans for all the communities to prepare in case of emergencies. Dina added that, speaking of communications, AirLink has almost finished the work from their grant and have installed most of the equipment in Jamestown to link them up to us – hopefully it will be complete by the end of the week. They also have another $1800 in the Community Communication grant to spend. Jamestown bought and distributed Walkie-Talkies, but she isn’t sure this is the best use of the money for Gold Hill. They are also looking at a back up generator as well as possible replacing an old radio in Jamestown. Deb added that she has met some people on the Peak to Peak who have 3 ham radio towers they are not using and would give them away. Dina will follow up.

Gold Hill School – Jojo reported that the Fall Fiesta was a great success. They made around $17,000. Thanks to all who participated and contributed. There is still honey available – just stop by the school.   Also t-shirts and hats can be ordered online at the school website (

Mining – Gretchen reports that it’s gone very quiet at the Mill – no cars and the Porta-pottie is gone. Deb asked if we know about progress on the permitting process, but no one did.

ADDENDUM: A small sign on a tree down on Lefthand has been posted stating:

            This site is the location of a proposed mining operation. The Colorado Milling Company, LLC, whose address and phone number is 50 West 100 South, Moab, Utah 80342, (303) 588-1119, has applied for an Amendment to Reclamation Permit No. M-1994-117 with the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board. Anyone wishing to comment on the application may view the application at the Boulder Clerk and Recorder’s Office, 1750 33rd Street, Boulder Colorado 80301, and should send comments prior to the end of the public comment period to the Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety, 1313 Sherman Street,Room 215, Denver, Colorado 80203.


I, Mark A. Steen, hereby certify that I posted a sign containing the above notice for the proposed permit area known as the Gold Hill Mill on December 19, 2017.

Apparently it involves pumping water up from Lefthand Creek to the Mill. Several people are looking into this as it affects our community, and it will be added to the agenda for the Special Town Meeting on January 8.

Historic Gold Hill – Deb reports that there are very few Gold Hill calendars left – contact Marie Brookhart. Next year the museum’s community outreach program will be on the Switzerland Trail in June. They will have some Forrest Crossen books from the Elks Club for sale.

Fire Department – Bobby reports that they’ve had some great trainings – burned a car and practiced putting it out. There have been a couple of medical calls.   The Forest Service has been cleaning up an abandoned campsite on FS 453.

Community Planning –no update on Rancho Fazoo


GHFPD Cisterns in the Town Meadow- Tony has signed a letter for the Fire Department stating that the GHTM supports this project to improve water supply for fire fighting in Gold Hill.

Support for survey on paving part of Sunshine? – Tony asked George Gerstle from the County about projected costs or plans, and there is apparently no plan at present for paving another 1.6miles of Sunshine. Gretchen said that in the past it seemed that paving costs are so huge up front and the potential impact on Gold Hill so great, that the CCs haven’t supported paving. Jojo added that we should look into the best technology taking into account safety as well as preserving the historic character of the area – maybe some third approach rather than just dirt vs. pavement. The feeling seemed to be to let sleeping dogs lie, at this point. Rick added that when our roads deteriorate, calling Ted Plank of the Road District seems to get a response pretty quickly.

GH Hazard Mitigation Plan – Tony reported that Peter Swift had filled out the original report a few years ago and Mike Chard of the Office of Emergency Management requested an update. All Peter had really requested was support for a Community Center and Safe Site in emergencies. Tony got some input from the Fire Board, as well as Dina’s communication plans and Virginia Schultz’s forestry ideas to include.


 Volunteer Appreciation, possible Bylaw ammendments, Strategic vision for 2018/19 – Tony reports that Council members have been talking about these issues, and decided to have a Special Town Meeting to look at ideas. It was decided to schedule it for Monday, January 8, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. here at the Community Center. And, as the Colorado Milling Company and their Amendment to Reclamation Permit No. M-1994-117 has also come up, that will be added to the agenda as well.

Guidelines for posting on the town website – Tony asked about the guidelines. Gretchen reported that Jennie Rice put some together when she set up the town website, and she will send them to the council. This will be added to the agenda for Special Town Meeting agenda, also.

Town Noise – Rick wanted to express disappointment in the letter attached to the last minutes from Joanne Cole. It’s not accurate to say that there is only music at the Inn on Friday and Sunday – many times it’s also Saturday. Also, the advice at the end seemed mean spirited – to live and let live no matter the increasing noise and crowds, most of the impact coming from people heading outside during breaks between sets to smoke and drink, etc..   Realistically, no one is going to approach a group of 30-40 people on the front porch who have been drinking and partying and ask them to please take it off Main Street.

Deb reported that she has spoken with Brian Finn and she feels like they are aware of the impact on the community. The standard big night is Friday and seems to be becoming more and more popular. There maybe something to be done that would be good for all. Jojo stated that there needs to be mutual respect on both sides. She thinks that it seems to be getting a little much and they may be looking at solutions, too. There needs to be some brainstorming . Deb added it is about starting a conversation, everyone agrees that we want the Inn to be successful.   Is this a one on one issue? Rick is not going to say anything against the Inn, but he does think there is a problem and he is not the only one. He did want to clarify that he is the one who said at the August meeting that, yes, he knew he was buying a house near an airport, but didn’t expect jumbo jets to start landing here. Tony thinks that Rick should talk to the Finns. Gretchen added that there is an old norm that individuals should approach neighbors first to see what they can work out.

Respectfully submitted, Gretchen Diefenderfer, Secretary


SPECIAL GH TOWN MEETING SET FOR JANUARY 8, 2018 at 7:00p.m., Community Center


  1. Amend Bylaws discussion – GHTM Schedule change, Length of office, Map, etc.,
  2. Strategic Vision for 2018/9 
  3. Guidelines for website postings
  4. Committee Spending Policy/Volunteer appreciation
  5. Colorado Milling application for an Amendment to Reclamation Permit No. M-1994-117 with the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board to pipe water up from Lefthand to the Mill.


For the bylaws, go to the town website (, on the left side select Gold Hill Town Meeting and then go down to “What is the Gold Hill Town Meeting”