GHFPD Board Meeting Jan. 18, 2018 notes

Posted on: February 6th, 2018

Notes on the Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board meeting 1-18-18 by Gretchen Diefenderfer.  The Fire Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at he Community Center.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Rich Lopez. Board members Rick Geesaman, Bobby Vrba, Paul Garabedian, and Boyd Brown, Chief Chris Finn, community members Max Yeager and Gretchen Diefenderfer, and pension plan board members Kris Gibson and Val Crist all attended.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Chief’s Report – Chris passed around a new map book he has put together. It goes to the printers next week and will be distributed to firefighters and board members.   The next trainings will cover maps, the second Saturday in February, and the 4th Thursday will be the first of a two-part training including maps and planning for an escalating incident in the County and will include the Sheriff’s office.

            SCBAs have all been tested and fire extinguishers inspected (2 replaced).

            Firebarn has new emergency lights that come on if the power is out.

            CPR classes will be offered in Sunshine in February and everyone is encouraged to get trained or recertified.

Calls – One sparking power line, two medical calls in Sunshine and one on Gold Run Road.

Retirement Fund – Bobby reported that in January $2,000.00 was transferred to the retirement fund from the checking account. Members have to put in 36 hours per year on training and calls for 10 years to qualify.

Cisterns – Rich has received a letter from the Town Meeting supporting the cisterns, the title work and easements are almost done, plans have been engineered. Rick will come to the February 12 Gold Hill Town Meeting to talk about the plan and answer questions. Plans will be resubmitted to the County soon.

            The board is looking at the timetable to get it done – first quarter get it all through the County – second quarter get bids and finalize plans, get tanks from Greely. Kelly trucking put in the dry hydrants in Lefthand for free, so they might be our guys, since we might need big equipment (hopefully not a crane). Max thinks a dolly gizmo with a dozer will be able to drive up the drainage and do it. The tanks are 40’ long and 10’ deep. Third quarter, actually install the tanks, which will supply 40,000 gallons of water for firefighting!  There will be hydrants up on Hill Street as well as one at the bottom of the meadow accessible from the cemetery road.

***The plans will be at the Gold Hill Store for people to look at them. Rick Geesaman is the contact person – (303) 564-0876,

Gold Hill Mill permit issue – Rich asked if the board has concerns that should be addressed. Chris volunteered that they have said they would put in a gravity hydrant for the Fire Department and we would like to encourage them to work with us on that. Rich will draft a letter.

The Fire Board adjourned and reconvened as the Pension Board with Kris Gibson and Val Crist as firefighter members along with the members of the Fire Board. The money is in for this year and they will be receiving the paperwork on it in March or April. The State matches approximately 90%. The two firefighter members were elected, and it turns out one needs to serve a two year term and one a one year term. They decided that Val would serve the two year term and Kris for one year, so Kris will have to run again this year.