GHFPD 9-17-15

Posted on: September 21st, 2015

Notes on the Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Meeting 9-17-15.

By Gretchen Diefenderfer

Next Meeting is Thursday, October 15, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Present were President Rich Lopez, Treasurer Bobby Vrba, Secretary Dave Sturtz, Rick Geesaman, Chief Chris Finn, Paul Garabedian, and community member Gretchen Diefenderfer.

CHIEF’S REPORT– Budget stuff – Chris delivered the tentative budget for discussion. Next month, October 15, will be the budget meeting. Copies need to be posted at the Firebarn, put in the Fire Department Drawer at the Gold Hill Store, and a notice has to go into the Daily Camera. Rick will do that. The budget is open for public comment, so check it out if you’re interested.

Chis pointed out that Pension Plan is a line item in the budget, but has still not been put into effect. We have approx. 65 hours of training a year, plus medical training, and people would have to attend about ½ of that to qualify. The state will match our funding. Rich has looked into it and we have to do an actuarial study of the district to see what we can afford. He will check it out further. Seems like a good thing for the firefighters.

After the fire in Lefthand, which we knocked down with our 500 gallons of water, Chris is more than ever sure that we need a 500gal. tank on the proposed new truck. There are many 2WD trucks available, but 4WD are much harder to find. He jumped the budgeted amount for a new truck (new/used) to $225,000.

Radios – in 10-15 years Boulder County is going to 800 MHz for communications and we will have to buy all new radios (for ~$6000 a piece vs. $500), just something to think about for the future. 800 MHz will provide a lot better communications.

Other stuff – Chris thinks we should have a notice box for the Firebarn. Bobbie replied that he’d just seen one at Resource and would go get it.

Chris still needs the paperwork for signers on the bank account at Vectra, plus a copy of the minutes authorizing the board members to sign. They will all get it to him.

They have been offered a vehicle to replace the old yellow pick-up we have for $1.00 (LH paid $5.00). It’s a ’97 Ford Explorer with 350,000 miles, new tires, and would replace the yellow truck to transport people, gear, etc. It can be taken on jeep trails and for scouting vs. the big fire trucks. Probably the old yellow one will be at Donal’s disposal for calls so that he doesn’t have to use his personal car.

Calls – We had a fire alarm call on 9/11, but no response was needed. Also a med check call on Labor Day, but the Sheriff took care of it and we were called off.

Chris also wanted to make sure the letter requesting exemption for audit got mailed and Rich will check again.

Old Business

Address signs – Rich reports that the new address signs from the County are here. They will be handed out at the town bake/rummage/craft sale (Gold Hill Gold Rush) on Sept. 27 and orders taken for new ones. If everyone’s address is posted by their driveway, it’s way better for emergency responders, so if don’t have one, come by and order one.

Rich will definitely be away for the November meeting and maybe October as well. Rick will chair.

Dry Hydrants – Rich reports that the Chris and the Board need to look at the potential sites and talk to the County road people about what help they can give us as they’re working on the roads. We need a field trip for ~ an hours. Rich will shoot some dates out and set up a time. Chris suggested that he get ahold of the County Engineer and see if he can meet us.

Cisterns – The consensus is that the town Meadow would be ideal. Gretchen will look at the deed to make sure that would not be prohibited and the Town Meeting would have to vote on it.

Secretary – Dave reported again that he will be gone for the March and April meetings and will not be running in the May election, so if they would like to appoint someone to replace him before that, that would be fine. They have some ideas of people to talk to. Anyone who is interested in serving as the secretary should contact one of the board members.