Fire Department News

Posted on: June 26th, 2014

There is a vacancy on the Fire Board (see report below) and they are seeking anyone interested in serving.  Rich Lopez, President of the Board, encourages anyone interested or with questions to contact him at 303-473-0204 or Rich Lopez

Notes on Gold Hill Fire Protection Board Meeting, June 19, 2014, by Gretchen Diefenderfer

Next Meeting will be Thursday, July 17, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center

Rich Lopez called the meeting to order.  Attendees included Rich, Rick Geesaman, Bobby Vrba, Dave Sturtz, Chief Chris Finn, and citizen Gretchen Diefenderfer.  As this is the first meeting since the election in May, which was cancelled because there were no more candidates than positions to be filled, the first order of business was to elect new officers.  And, although Donal Maloney was a candidate, when it came time to take the oath of office, he did not, reportedly realizing that he had too many obligations.  This means there is also a vacancy on the board, which will need to be filled within 60 days.  Rich agreed to serve as President again, Dave will continue as secretary, and Rick will be the new treasurer.  Chris is going to turn over the checkbook to Rick.

Dave has filed the necessary paperwork with the Colorado Department of Legal Affairs – the transparency notice, oaths of office, etc.  Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Chief’s Report from Chief Chris Finn

            CallsMay 24, 27, and 29 there were mutual aid calls with Sunshine- smoke detectors and fire alarms.  On this kind of call, Chris reports to the barn and monitors radio traffic.  If it turns out that we are needed, he requests a second tone.  Firefighters need to also monitor and be prepared to respond if a second tone is issued.  On May 30, a smoke report turned out to be real, Shivaun Finn requested a second tone and responded along with BLM, BoCo Open Space and the Sheriff.  It was determined to be too steep to respond to in the dark.  The next day, the Sheriff turned it over to the Forest Service.  June 4 there was a kitchen fire in Sunshine, but we were called off as it was under control.  And June 8 we had a medical call at the Store.

Maintenance – June 3, Chris removed the chains on the trucks.  Today, the trim and weatherproofing of the doors and windows was all done.  Bill VanMatre from Lefthand did the work, Maja (Bret’s daughter) organized it, the Red Cross paid for it, and it all looks good.  Rich will draft a thank you letter for everyone to sign.

Yesterday, Chis ordered more pagers, last week got a new battery for Engine 4, Tuesday, fixed spray bar on Engine 1 and installed an antenna and radio in 5433 (5431 is now a parts truck).  He is looking to get Tracy to fix it 5433 all up or Chris and Bobby will do it.

Training – Six of our people attended a ropes rescue/car off the road training – block and tackle deal.   Fourmile has all the equipment and the training to use it (we have the Jaws of Life that they can use), and we would need people to take the training to use it before it makes sense to buy our own equipment.

Fire truck search – ongoing.  We want one with a 500 gal. tank, a 500 gpm pump, 4 WD, that will fit in our barn – scarce.  We have $100,00 budgeted to buy one, but may end up having to budget more and have our own built.

New Business – Rich thinks it’s important to get the word out about the vacancy on the Board and see who is interested.  He encourages anyone interested or with questions to contact him at 303-473-0204 or Rich Lopez

Restroom search – Bobby went to Ft. Carson, but the only portable restrooms available are at Ft. Riley, Kentucky.  There is now a new system – we have to fill out form 1331, get an identification code, and then can potentially access anything available in CO.  Bobby will fill out the form.  Rich will contact the Health Department to find out their rules on such things.

Chris has requested that Max move the Safesite Tuff Shed back about 10 feet to allow access around the Firebarn and level out the parking space where the metal building from the Sheriff’s Department was.