Fire Board Meeting notes from 5-21-15

Posted on: June 17th, 2015

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Meeting 5-21-15

Notes by Gretchen Diefenderfer

Board Meetings are the third Thursday of each month, 7:00p.m. at the Community Center. The next meeting will be June 18, 2015. Anyone is welcome to attend.


The Meeting was called to order by Rick Lopez, Chair. Attending were board members Bobby Vrba, Secretary Dave Sturtz, Rick Geesaman, Paul Garabedian and community member Gretchen Diefenderfer.


Chief’s Report – In the absence of Chief Finn, Bobby reported that there were 2 calls: a jeep overturn and a medical call for a fall. Trainings continue. They are still waiting on a potential truck purchase.


Minutes –There were no corrections or additions and the minutes of the April meeting were approved.


New Business – Porta-Potti – The board has agreed on a license agreement between the Gold Hill Town Meeting and the Fire Board for the portable toilet. First The SafeSite Shed has to be moved – Chris needs to approve the location. Rich helped the GHTM with the paperwork to change from a 501(c)4 tax deductible corporation to a 501(c)3. He will bill the GHTM and donate the money back versus having the FPD contribute to the cost of the portable toilet as originally proposed.

Rich write a letter to the Firefighters thanking them for their response to a call in March where the victim died.


Visions and Goals – Rich brought up the goals for where we would like to be in 5 and 10 years. Here is list so far from the board and Chris:

10 dry hydrants in Lefthand

3 more cisterns up here

15 new young firefighters

equipment upgraded as necessary

The discussion turned to the cisterns and their location. Rick owns some property W of town and one could go there. Max and Gretchen both said that their

property down Gold Run could be used.

Dry hydrants – the board committed to at least 2 this year. Rick estimated the hardware, excavation, pea gravel, PVC pipe and backfill should be around $500 each. Rich has addresses of available locations in Lefthand . They will look at the 5 available and pick the 2 best sometime in the first 2 weeks in June.


Gretchen Diefenderfer