Emergency Preparedness Group Meeting 4-6-14, 7 pm

Posted on: March 30th, 2015
The Emergency Preparedness Group for Gold Hill met informally several weeks ago so that we could discuss possible strategies and gather a list of resources for our community in the event of another emergency. We would be very happy if others would like to join in or just listen. You don’t need to have any particular expertise. We would like to hear from you about this subject and give us input, or join a sub group. Those with experience or having a particular expertise are also very welcome, of course. We talk about every scale from individual, household, neighborhood to community at large. There are a number of subcommittees;
Community Survey and Followup
Town Hall Uses
Educational Materials/Preparedness
Energy & Communications
Rain Collection/Surface Water/Cisterns/Filtration
Shared Resources
Generators and Town Needs
Health/Herbs/Medications/Dental/Personal Meds
The ongoing meeting of the group is scheduled for Monday, April 6 at 7pm upstairs at the Fire Barn.
Please bring a light snack or drink.
1. welcome to new members
2. subcommittee reports
3. set next agenda
Please RSVP so we know how many will attend.
Thanks to all
P e t e r S w i f t, P.E.
540 Main Street
Gold Hill, Co