Posted on: July 25th, 2016

ELECTIONS ARE COMING UP AT THE AUGUST 8 TOWN MEETING. For anyone interested in running for any of these offices, here is an outline of the various duties. Come on! It’s fun and a great community service. I understand that Tony does not intend to run again for Member at Large.  Other positions, I am sure, would be open to people interested in running!

GHTM Board Duties – The principle duties of the board are to carry out actions voted upon by the members of the Town Meeting

GHTM Chair

Presiding officer of the town board and town meetings

Prepares meeting agenda

Conducts meetings following Roberts Rules

Maintains order and length of discussions

Signs documents as necessary

Voting member


GHTM Vice Chair

Performs duties and functions as required by the Chair

Acts as Chair in their absence

Voting member


GHTM Secretary

Records minutes of meetings and posts to town website, sends out town emails

Send out minutes of the meetings and proper notices of called meetings

Conducts the correspondence for the GHTM

Voting member


GHTM Treasurer

Acts as banker depositing funds and making payments

maintains financial records, mHiakes periodic financial reports to membership

Voting member


GHTM Member at Large

Works as fundraiser

Coordinator of annual Gold Rush Sale

Put signs up one week prior to meetings

Voting member