Do you support the Climb?

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017
Via, who operates the Climb and the transportation planner for the County who helps to fund it, ventured to Gold Hill to meet with a group of people (8 of us) interested in supporting the Climb.
Via is willing to try an additional run during the week to meet the request for a later morning bus if we assure them there is support for the Climb. The additional run we talked about that would fit easily into the schedule is a slightly later morning run which would leave GH at 9am with a return from Boulder about 10am (times not firm yet).Check out the current schedule at
The way we demonstrate support for the Climb is by actually riding it.
The average ridership during the school year is 16 per day, the majority of which are the school kids, so we have to at least match that during the summer to show a minimal support. Their actual goal is 5-6 riders per run. 
One thing we learned is that if you are over 60, you can ask for a Via car to meet you at the bus stop and take you (like a taxi) wherever you need to go in Boulder – to a Dr. appointment, grocery store, etc. The rules don’t allow the Via vehicles to transport anyone younger. the Climb is an exception.
Please let me know if you are willing to try riding the Climb this summer so I can get a count. I also need to know how often you expect to ride it. Of particular interest is knowing if you expect to ride the proposed 9am bus from Gold Hill.
For anyone interested in brainstorming how to make the Climb a really fun service for GH and 4Mile (Happy Hour, afternoon movie, ??), we will have a short get-together to talk about how to make it enticing and how to get people to try it. Please also let me know if you can join us for that discussion.