Consult Needed for Technical support to Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Task Force

Posted on: April 19th, 2017

Announcement of consultant services:
Technical support to Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Task Force


The Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Task Force is dedicated to improving access to housing, transportation, health care, and human services for residents of the mountain communities of western Boulder County. The Task Force works collaboratively with human service providers, community leaders, and government and related agencies to improve the quality of life for all those living across the Peak to Peak Region.


The Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Task Force (P2P) is seeking a consultant to support the backbone functions of the Task Force and its strategic planning and advocacy efforts. The Consultant will:

  • Support the planning and coordination for the monthly Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Task Force meetings;
  • Prepare recommendations for governance structures, including recommendations on how to plug into larger, county-wide Human Service governance structures, including but not limited to the HHSAC and Homeless Management Board (formerly known as the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Board).
  • Help develop strategic priorities for the Task Force by working with key stakeholders, P2P members and community representatives;
  • Identify financing opportunities, follow through with those opportunities where appropriate, and seek ways to establish long term sustainable funding for the Task Force; 
  • Facilitate subcommittees when needed to address service gaps;
  • Assist local community leaders in tailoring action plans;
  • Collect added data to clarify community demographics and identify service gaps;
  • Represent the Task Force at various community and county meetings; and
  • Prepare and disseminate communications from the Task Force. 

Qualifications and desired characteristics of the Consultant:

  • Has a detailed working knowledge of community dynamics and stakeholders in the mountain communities, and, by strong preference, be a mountain resident;
  • Has an awareness of the local non-profit and government services available;
  • Is a high energy, self-starter who is motivated to improve the quality of life for all those living in the Peak to Peak region;
  • Has an educational and professional background in strategic planning, community development, housing and human services, or other relevant fields;
  • Is able to work independently and on a team, and manage multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Demonstrates an ability to write strategic planning and action plan type documentation and prepare general communications materials;
  • Has strong interpersonal skills, and be detailed oriented and comfortable working with a diverse range of stakeholders;
  • Has excellent organizational, planning, communication and computer skills; and
  • Must provide their own transportation as no travel cost reimbursement will be provided.

The Consultant would be contracted for one year by the fiscal agent, the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) under terms and conditions specified by EFAA. The consultant will report directly to the Chair of the P2P and Executive Director of EFAA and make periodic progress reports to the P2P membership and the Mountain Human Service Collaborative, a sub-committee to the P2P. The consultant will submit requests for payment on a monthly basis to the fiscal agent.

The consulting assignment requires an estimated 24 hours (3 days) per week, based on asset of deliverables to be agreed upon in the contract for a period of twelve months. Consulting fee range $22-$25/hour depending on level of experience. The contract is funded through a grant from Boulder County.

Please send cover letter and resume to