Historic Zoning

Historic Zoning News

September 12th, 2017

Joyce Robinson is planning to build a new house at 630 Boulder St. – between Laughlin’s and Michael Petrillo. Plans are available for public review in a yellow folder at the Gold Hill Store. We will convene a meeting of the Gold Hill Historic Zoning committee to consider the plans at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the store. Anyone is welcome to attend.

If you cannot attend the meeting but have comments, you may either:

–          Write comments on the paper provided in the folder with the plans. Please include your name and phone number

–          Send comments via email to Bear Carlson at:Lawrence.carlson@colorado.edu


Gold Hill Historical Zoning

October 4th, 2012

7:00 PM, Oct. 8 Gold Hill Historic Zoning Committee meeting just before the Town Meeting for the purpose of filling 2 vacancies on the Committee.

The GHHZ Committee serves in an advisory capacity to home owners who want to make changes to their property before submitting plans to Boulder County for permitting IF permitting is necessary.  Gold Hill, as a whole, has done a good job at self regulating and maintaining our historic appearance and we want to keep it that way.  It is vital that we continue self determination and not let the County do it for us.  SO… Please consider volunteering for one of the vacancies on the GHHZ Committee.  Call me!  Cherry Sand 303-443-2543


Historic Zoning

January 10th, 2012


Mission Statement

The mission of the Gold Hill Historic Zoning Committee is to assist property owners of the platted townsite of Gold Hill to preserve the architectural heritage of the community while planning new construction, external remodeling or rezoning.



The Historic Zoning Committee is comprised of five Gold Hill residents  elected by the voting members of the community. Its role is to advise and assist with plans for demolition of structures, building of new structures, exterior remodeling or additions to existing structures and rezoning applications. The purpose is to retain the unique historical architectural character of the community while making sure that the proposed activities are in compliance with Gold Hill’s building guidelines and Boulder County’s building codes.



Adopted: Dec. 1978
Amended: Aug. 1985

All major remodeling, plumbing, and wiring must be referred to the County.
The following indicates when the Gold Hill Historical Zone review is
necessary before a County Building Permit is approved:

All new structures: yes
Fences over 4′: yes
Electricity: no
Plumbing: no
Remodeling exterior: yes
Remodeling interior: no
New uses (business or residential): yes

1. Anyone desiring a building permit within the Historical Zone (the
platted township) should check first with HZ Committee to make sure the
plans conform to HZ policies.

2. All construction affecting visual change (even if it doesn’t require a
building permit) should be brought up at a regular HZ meeting.

3. Regular HZ Committee meetings are held the first Thursday of each month
at 8:00 p.m. Building permit applications should be submitted to a
Committee member at least two weeks before a regular meeting.

4. Notification of neighbors: reasonable attempts to notify adjacent
property owners of significant changes in appearance or use should be made
prior to presentation for approval by HZC. HZC will require assurance that
property lines have either been agreed upon with affected neighbors or

5. Persons in a hurry to start construction may take their plans to each
Committee member of HZ. If proposed construction is unanimously approved,
a letter recommending approval will be written to the County Planning

6. Plans brought to the HZ Committee should include the external design,
materials, and all visual aspects of the application, including a plot plan
showing the location of existing (if any) setbacks, neighboring buildings,
and roads. The plans are to be drawn to scale. Well permit, septic
permit, etc.

7. The applicant desiring approval for construction must attend the
meeting when his/her plans are reviewed.

8. After considering plans, a letter is written to the County Planning
Office indicating the recommendation of the HZ Committee and given to the
applicant to present to the county with his Building Permit application. A
copy of the letter is retained for the HZ files and a copy is given to the
applicant. (The HZ files contain building permit applications and copies
of the County requirements).

9. A majority vote of the HZ Committee members is sufficient for a letter
recommending approval. A tie vote is considered a “No” vote. In case of a
“No” vote or a controversial proposal, a Committee member may call for a
General Meeting. This constitutes a special review, requires a two-week
notification period, and the vote of all HZ members present at the review.