Bulletins from the Fire Board Meeting June 18, 2015

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015

Bulletins from the Fire Board Meeting June 18, 2015


CISTERNS – The Gold Hill Fire Protection District is looking for locations for additional cisterns for fire fighting purposes in the main Gold Hill area. Ideal locations would be near the road and able to accommodate a 30,000 gal. tank (16’x16’x16’ cube). The tank would be underground and there would need to be a signed easement. The Fire Dept. would assume all responsibility. Water supply is always a concern up here for fighting fires and additional water storage would be a great advantage to all. Please contact Chris Finn with questions or possible locations (cfinn@mho.net or 303-444-5549)


4TH OF JULY – Leslie Finn reports that we are short of helpers for the Pancake Breakfast on the 4th. Come help the Fire Department and get to see all your neighbors! It’s lots of fun, too. Contact Leslie if you can help at lesterskibum@yahoo.com

FIREFIGHTERS – The Fire Department is always looking for new members.  All are welcome to join and trainings are every month.  Also, Donal Maloney (donalmalo@juno.com) and Chris Finn (cfinn@mho.net) will take people out on the trucks.  Get in touch with one of them if you have questions!  It’s a great experience.

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