Boulder County Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter – July 7, 2015

Posted on: July 12th, 2015

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Today’s Forest Health Outreach update covers the following:
*Forestry Tip of the Day: Signing off – Great Working with all of You!
*Nederland and Allenspark Sort Yards are Open – Bring us your Slash and Logs
*Wildfire Partners: Sign up Today!
*eNewsletter – New Format and Delivery System is Coming Soon

*Forestry Tip of the Day: Signing off – Great Working with all of You!
Dear Loyal Readers and Forest Stewards,

This will be the last Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter from me as the editor. After a lengthy debate, I have decided that it is time for me to transition away from my job at Boulder County. My last day is this Thursday, July 9. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all for the past 7 years. I hope our Forest Health Outreach Program and eNewsletter have helped you be active stewards of your backyard forest.

Our first eNewsletter was sent to a small group of you all in February 2009. Six years later, I am about to hit send on the 120th eNewsletter. During those years we have fought and won the battle against mountain pine beetle and ips beetles. We hosted nearly 100 community meetings, forestry workshops and chipping events. Saws and Slaws became a reality. We established two community forestry sort yards, which are widely popular.

I am continually impressed by the people who call Boulder County home. You all are environmentally minded and want to do the right thing on your land. I am excited because you are taking our educational messaging to heart. During the summer you can hear the buzz of chainsaws and weedwhips echoing throughout the foothills. When I drive the mountain roads I can see the cut stumps and slash stacked by the road waiting to be chipped. Wildfire mitigation is on your radar and you are taking amazing steps to prepare your home for future wildfires.

It has been really fun and rewarding working with you all during my time at the county. Thanks for reading and attending our events over the years. I hope my outreach programs helped you create healthier forests on your land and be better prepared for the next wildfire. Keep up the great work everyone!


*Nederland and Allenspark Sort Yards are Open– Bring us your Slash and Logs
Got slash, logs, pine needles, yard waste or noxious weeds? Both our Nederland and Allenspark sort yard will take these materials off your hands for no charge. All you need to do is load the material into a truck, trailer or Subaru. Make sure to keep the various types of material separated in the load since they are unloaded in different areas of the yard.

Both sort yards are open Wed. to Sat., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Before hauling for complete program details.

Temporary Closure: The Allenspark sort yard will be closed for one day on Thursday, July 9. Please help spread the word about this temporary closure.

*Wildfire Partners – Sign up Today!  
Are you interested in creating effective wildfire mitigation on your land? Do you need help identifying the weak links in your defensible space and home construction? If yes, Wildfire Partners is the program you will want to join. Last year, we enrolled 450 Boulder County homeowners into the program. This year we have room to add an additional 400 homes. To learn more about this exciting program and to sign up please visit us at or call 303-446-7877.

*eNewsletter – New Format and Delivery System is Coming Soon
We are updating the way we send out all of our county email news communications. The county has contracted with GovDelivery, and future Forest Health Outreach eNewsletters will come from this new system. You won’t need to take any steps to continue receiving our eNewsletter. Just keep an eye out for a new look in the next Forest Health Outreach eNewsletter. Also, you can sign up for other Boulder County email news topics at:

Thanks for Reading!

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