Bluebird Celebrations

Posted on: May 14th, 2016

The Gold Hill Museum has been given the opportunity to celebrate a new research project on The Bluebirds of Gold Hill and specifically Matilda Vanderpoehl, Marie Brookhart’s aunt.  Kirk Ambrose, head of the Art History Department of CU, will be debuting his new thesis in the fall and is gifting us, the town of Gold Hill,  with the very first presentation of his thesis on Thursday evening, July 14th.  This is an exclusive for the town of Gold Hill.  His presentation includes lots of information and slides of the Bluebirds.  Later in the year, Mr. Ambrose will be presenting this thesis around the greater Boulder and Denver areas but on July 14th, it’s just for us!

The Museum Board of Gold Hill is hosting a great cocktail party for you in the side yard of Cherry and John Sand’s property, Main Street, Gold Hill, across from the Museum along Prospector Alley.  The evening begins promptly at 5 pm.  Be prepared to enjoy some great food and drinks.  An RSVP is Required.    All are welcome.

Please RSVP to:  Debra Yeager to secure your spot or call:  303 449 0454