A message from Sheriff Pelle on wildfire mitigation

Posted on: July 28th, 2016

A message from Sheriff Pelle on wildfire mitigation

Public Information & Community Outreach Specialist Carrie Haverfield from Boulder County Sheriff’s Office · 20 Jun
Photo from Carrie Haverfield

As Boulder County Sheriff, I would like to personally thank the hundreds of mountain residents who have taken the initiative and worked hard to perform wildfire mitigation on their property. By taking personal responsibility to prepare for future wildfires, you are helping us to become a safer and more resilient community.

In 2015, wildfires burned a record 10 million acres, destroyed more than 4,500 homes and structures, and killed 13 wildland firefighters in the U.S. Despite our wet spring, it is not a matter of if another wildfire will impact our county, but when. The time to act is now before the next hot dry spell.

Boulder County first responders are among the best in the nation. However, we need YOU to mitigate your property now to be most effective. During wind-driven wildfires, first responders likely will not be able to reach everyone. Your mitigation will not just increase the chances your home will survive – it will help protect lives during these future disasters.

If you have not done so already, I encourage you to join Wildfire Partners to guide you through wildfire mitigation efforts on your property. Wildfire Partners provides many benefits to homeowners, including up to $2,500 in financial assistance. To join the more than 700 residents and 35 partner organizations that have already joined Wildfire Partners, visit www.WildfirePartners.org, call 303-441-1420, or email info@wildfirepartners.org.

When I drive around mountain communities, I am encouraged when I see residents proudly displaying their Wildfire Partners yard sign, because I know they have taken the steps necessary reduce their wildfire risk and strengthen the community we all treasure and love.

Thank you,

Joe Pelle, Boulder County Sheriff