Posted on: July 9th, 2017


Minutes of the Gold Hill Town Meeting, June 12, 2017


Next Regular Town Meeting will be Monday, August 14, 2017, 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center.  This will be our annual elections Meeting!

The meeting was called to order by Chair Tony Vrba. Attending (10): Nick Kell, Emergency Preparedness Planner, BOCO, Treasurer Martha Knapp, Deputy Chair Bear Carlson, Virginia Schultz, Luzie Mason, Rick Sinner, John Sand, Prospector (AKA J. Whitmont), Poppy Copeland, Chair Tony Vrba. In Secretary Gretchen Diefenderfer’s absence, Bear Carlson took minutes.

GUEST PRESENTATION – Nick Kell gave a presentation on the Medical Reserve Corps ( ). According to their website, “Medical Reserve Corps volunteers support public health activities in the event of disasters including floods, fires, pandemics, and other events that require an exceptional medical response.” They are a volunteer organization that is part of BOCO Public Health, one of 22 MRC chapters in CO. There are approximately 95 volunteers helping out throughout the county.

Although many volunteers are medically trained, not all are as there are many needs that arise during emergency situations. In addition to functioning during disasters such as the 2010 fire and 2013 flood, they are also active throughout the year doing CPR training, building preparedness, sheltering, etc. While MRC volunteers do not wear uniforms per se, they have caps, T shirts and ID badges to identify them.

Interested volunteers can contact Nick Kell by email ( or phone (303-413-7532, 303-419-7805).


Minutes of previous meeting approved

Martha will email Treasurer’s report

Town cleanup June 24, 2017


GH SCHOOL – No report (NR)

COMMUNITY PLANNING – Gold Rush will be held Sep 17, 2017


HISTORIC ZONING (Bear)– The property between Laughlins and Michael Putrillo has sold to Joyce Robinson, who plans to build a small residence. She has been in contact with HZ and will work with us as plans proceed.

FOREST MANAGEMENT (Virginia) – BOCO has $4K available to support chipping for local residents, which will occur July 27 & 28, 2017. Approximately 6-10 property owners have expressed interest so far. Four Mile has been selected to do the work at a rate of $180/hr. BOCO will pay half the cost; at a previous meeting, GHTM recommended paying half the remainder (i.e. 25%), with property owners responsible for 25%. Virginia will coordinate, including making sure property owners have the slash (6” max diameter) stacked for easy access the weekend ahead of chipping. Four Mile estimates a “Suburban-sized” pile of slash takes about an hour to process, which would cost the property owner $45.

MOTION: “GHTM will pay 25% of the chipping cost for local residents, up to a maximum of $900.” Passed unanimously.

Virginia will explore an opportunity to be a “fire-wise community.”



MUSEUM (John) – The museum opened for the season on Memorial Day weekend. Several exhibits have been spruced up and rearranged, and there is a new exhibit featuring Dr. Edna (?) Campbell. The fence has been repaired and realigned with the entrance now from Pine St. Volunteers are needed to prep and paint the fence the week of June 19, 2017.

MINING (Bear) – Mark Steen received permission from BOCO to remove a section of guard rail on Horsfal to access part of the mine for maintenance. The guard rail has subsequently been replaced.

SAFELINK (Tony) – Nothing scheduled; possible phone tree test this summer

AIRLINK (Bear) – Design work on the new repeater in Jamestown is underway. Mark Elder is helping out on the “very challenging” cable design details.

IMA (Tony) – Next meeting June 22, 2017 in Allenspark. Tony will attend.


Book exchange mailbox – on hold due to Dan and Chrissy’s new baby

The Climb has a new schedule

Elections Aug 14, 2017. New volunteers are always encouraged to join the fun!


ADOPTION OF RANCHO FAZOO (Tony) – JoJo Morrison is spearheading efforts for GHTM to adopt this property, which is part of the new BOCO Open Space acquisition. An on-site tour was held to explore possibilities for GHTM to help clean up the space so it could be used for community events. BOCO is supportive and would supply a rolloff trash container – but would insist certain rules be followed, including a commitment from GHTM to hold cleanups four times annually, etc. The GH Museum would be welcome to any artifacts that might surface during cleanup activities. Permacultural aspects of the property will be kept in mind, as well as maintaining wildlife corridors, etc.

Because only three GHTM council members were present, and they confessed to being remiss in not carefully studying the documents Tony sent around outlining the requirements for adoption, the issue was tabled to a future meeting. ADDENDUM – A Special Town Meeting will be held Monday, July 17 at 7:30 to discuss Rancho Fazoo issues  as well as issues around Bike Races through Gold Hill to insure the safety of Gold Hill residents as well as of the bicyclists.

EMERGENCY SIRENS (Tony) – Dina is investigating how well the verbal warning sirens in Jamestown are working. Such a system could be useful in GH, but many questions remain, such as:

  • What would be required to include the subdivision in such a warning system?
  • Would the regular testing required be worth it in terms of disturbing our tranquility?
  • Is person-to-person communication (e.g. Neighborlink) more effective anyway?


What little part of Main St is paved is suffering from major potholes. Residents were encouraged to phone or email Ted Plank with BOCO, who is known to be quite responsive.