Michael Felix Maedke!

Posted on: May 28th, 2017

My Dearest Gold Hill Friends & Neighbors,

Please welcome the newest addition to the Gold Hill Family, Michael Felix Maedke!  Michael arrived here at 2:05 AM on Friday, May 26th.  At 3lbs 4oz, 16 inches long, he’s little, but healthy!
What happened?!
I’m happy to share.  Here’s the story, as I told it to the Gold Hill School Family:
On Thursday morning, I came to school with some discomfort.  I soon realized the discomfort was coming in waves, and recognized them as mild contractions.  I soon passed the kiddos off to Our Dearest Jojo and sent myself home.  After a trip to the Birth Center, I was off to Boulder Community for an ultrasound.  At the ultrasound we saw that Mikey was doing great, but my cervix was not.  I was already 3cm dilated.  We also learned that Mikey was breech.  I went up to labor and delivery in a wheelchair.  Dan met me there.  
The good news about having two premature babies is that things are less surprising or scary the second time around.  I had a good idea of what to expect.  I was to get some antibiotics and steroids to try to pump up Mikey, in case he arrived early.  The hope was to keep him in for at least 48 hours to allow the steroids to work their magic.  In order to facilitate that, we needed to give me an IV of magnesium to slow the contractions, and hopefully bring them to a halt.  Unfortunately, the labor progressed faster than the magnesium could take effect.  Mikey declared he was coming tonight. 
Soon, I was 5 cm dilated, and the doctors were ready to take me in for a c-section.  They weren’t willing to try to flip him during delivery.  If it didn’t go well, they didn’t want to end up in an emergency c-section with a 30 wk old baby.  They did an ultrasound, and who’d believe it- Mikey decided to flip himself over.  He was now head down and ready to roll.  C-Section was called off.  I made Mikey promise to stay where he was, and on we went.  
Shortly thereafter, Our Dearest Jojo arrived on the scene.  Close behind were Joe, Dan’s brother and Angela Stevens, my midwife from the Birth Center of Boulder.  Our nurse, Diane, is the same nurse that delivered Gabriel.  Gabey slept in the background.  My team was in place and ready.  The contractions got stronger and stronger.  With Dan’s love and Angela’s expert attention, we made it through pretty well.  Finally, it was time.  
As it turns out, giving birth a second time to an even smaller baby is a really convenient thing for the mama.  I was scared to push… because it hurts!  Ang told me to push.  I told her no.  That may have happened a few times.  Dan reminded me that I didn’t want to keep doing this.  I pushed.  Two good contractions later, and Michael was out.  Gabey slept till the very end- until Mommy woke him up.  Joe picked him up, and our observant little man just watched all the commotion.  
Having Dan, Jojo, and Ang there at my side was invaluable.  It was far from my birth plan, but hey- I got my natural birth, surrounded by the best birth team anyone could ask for, in a facility with world class care.  Not much to complain about.  And no stitches to boot!  
Michael came out, gave a cry, and I got a quick minute with him on my chest while they drained the cord blood and cut the cord.  Then the NICU team went to work stabilizing him.  Dan and Ang followed Mikey to the NICU, where he was hooked up to all the machinery and examined.  Jojo stayed with me, as I finished my IVs and was prepared to go.  Eventually, Jojo and I made it to the NICU.  Mikey was doing great.  It was 4:15, and time for everyone to go to bed.  Poor Jojo, still having to lead one of the biggest days of the school year- graduation day- in just a few short hours.  
Mikey had a couple IVs in his umbilical cord that have already been removed.  He has a machine on to assist with his breathing, though he can breathe on his own.  We are hoping that may be done as early as Monday.  He is breathing room air- no O2 needed at this time- his O2 sat levels are great.  He is under the billiruben lights, which will also likely come off Monday.  He has an IV in pumping him with fats, vitamins and minerals.  He has a feeding tube, where he’s receiving my colostrum.  He’s already had a poop, so things are moving.  Then he has heart and O2 monitors on, just keeping tabs on his rates.  There is nothing concerning.  We are so happy he’s in such good shape and can stay here at BCH.  
I am doing as well as a new mama can possibly be doing.  I didn’t expect to be able to hold Michael for probably a week, but they let me have him for over and hour last night and again this morning, which is a real treat.  He calms right down and settles in.  He responds to my voice.  He’s just the sweetest little guy.  Dan is running around trying to get our life in order.  Gabe is off on a playdate with his friend, Townes.  
And, so here we are!  We expect to be here in the NICU for a long time.  They tell you to plan to stay till his due date, which was Aug. 3rd.  With any luck, we’ll be home before that, but there’s no telling; so we settle in and plan for the new normal.  As you may know and remember, we all have our own suite here at the hospital.  We have basically a hotel room, with Mikey’s little individual doctor’s office attached to us.  We have full access to his room, and the doctors, through a second door, also have full access to him.  It’s a great arrangement.  We are welcome to be here in this room for as long as he is here.  I will have breakfast provided for me for the duration, but I’m on my own for the rest of the meals.  Dan and Gabey are totally on their own.  Stacy is working to set up a longterm meal train.  I’m sure she’ll be in touch.  Just in case- smbbru@yahoo.com
We will be happy to have visitors when things calm down a bit.  I’d guess by next Monday, I’ll be up for having some guests.  Sorry, but there is a strict no children allowed policy in the NICU, so the kiddos will have to wait till Mikey is home to meet him.  Definitely please wait to visit if you are sick.  And of course, it’ll be some time before any guests will be allowed to hold him.  
Again, Dan and I thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all of your love not only through this time, but through the whole pregnancy- through Gabey- through next year with two babies– well, for everything.  I don’t forget for a moment how lucky I am to have all of you.  And, when you see Jojo, please give her extra love and gratitude for carrying all of us- Mishie’s family included- through this time of our lives.  We’ve leaned on her heavily, and I want everyone to know just how valued she is.  
Talk Soon,
Chrissy Maedke
3-4-5 Teacher
Gold Hill School
890 Main St.
Boulder, CO 80302
School- 720-561-5940
Cell- 303-668-6809