Gold Hill Bluebird Celebration

Posted on: May 4th, 2016

Calling all Cooks!  The Bluebirds are being celebrated in Gold Hill!

Many of you have expressed interest in supporting the efforts of the Gold Hill Museum and this is the summer that we could really use your help!  We are really excited to present you with a history of the BlueBirds in Gold Hill starting with a community-wide kickoff presented by Kirk Ambrose, University of Colorado Art Department on Thursday evening, July 14th in the side yard of the Sand property on Main Street.  You’ll find that the Gold Hill Museum will be buzzing all summer with information about this amazing group of women.  Plan on enjoying and learning more about our history with a visit to the Museum.

We are celebrating this Bluebird event with a tented cocktail party, especially for the Gold Hill community,  and a great presentation by Mr. Ambrose, with a special presentation on Matilda Vanderpoehl, Marie Brookhart’s aunt.  Mr. Ambrose chose to research the art community of Gold Hill when Jean Sherwood was on the staff of the University of Colorado and Matilda Venderpohl lived in Gold Hill as a Bluebird.  The rest is history and we’re excited to bring this subject to the front of our summer exhibits.

I am looking for anyone in Gold Hill who would be willing to make appetizers for this celebration, help us serve the cocktails and the appetizers, and help us serve and clean up.  I will provide you with recipes and the basic ingredients that you will need to make these recipes.  If you are willing to create these great appetizers on July 14th for a 5 pm party or to help in any way, please let me know.  I’ll be back in touch with specifics on your participation.

Thanks so much for your support.  As always, your community service and willingness to support this special event for the Gold Hill community is very much appreciated!  Please e mail me to let me know how you would be willing to participate.  Please RSVP by May 31st to

Debra Yeager