Welcome to Gold Hill

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History and geography have made Gold Hill, Colorado, unique for 150 years. People like Gold Hill despite (or because of) the isolation from city life, and they live here despite (or because of) the quixotic climate at high altitude.

We have a strong sense of community here, with our historic school and town meeting forming the nuclei for activities and long-time friendship networks since mining days. Mountain folk have always gotten together to play music, perform plays, compete in games and to volunteer together to benefit Gold Hill. The purpose of this website is to enhance this sense of community through communication about events and current issues.

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Gold Hill Fire Information

Thank you for visiting our website. Most of you know that our town was  affected by a significant wild land fire in 2010.  Many donations to support our town efforts came in at that time. We tremendously appreciate your help.  We have made considerable recovery.  Since then, we have renamed our emergency/disaster/extraordinary needs fund the Gold Hill Relief Fund.  Any donations toward this fund would be received with much gratitude and  disbursed to those in need.

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Click here for fire updates, recovery, and resources.

Click here for John Hilson’s slide show with music by Kort McCumber and James Moors.


We  have deleted our  Quick Topic forum because it had been taken over by spammers.  We hope that Nextdoor will fill our need to communicate with each other.  Contact me if you would like an invitation to Nextdoor.  Gretchend@mac.com